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GOO.N Baby Wipes Dispenser - 70 Wipes

GOO.N Baby Wipes Dispenser - 70 Wipes

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Ease of Use:

Goo.n one-hand control dispenser makes nappy change easier. It allows you to use only one hand to push the button and pick out the wipes through the well designed access while using another hand to hold your baby.  If you want one single wipe each time, then only one wipe will come out, but with other brands, you may have to deal with a string instead of one piece.

Gentlest and Unscented:

Gentleness has been given as priority for the quality of Goo.n baby wipes. Considering that baby skin is very delicate and might be allergic to something, all of Goo.n baby wipes are made unscented. They are also PH value balanced and alcohol free.

Softest and Strongest:

You can feel free to use Goo.n baby wipes, they are extremely soft, but strong enough to deal with any kinds of heavy duty clean up.

Most Moist All The Time:

Unique treatment made Goo.n baby wipes evenly moisture distributed and well remained, so you do not need to worry about it getting dry even if you forget to close the lid for a couple of days. GOO.N wipes can keep moist for much longer time than any brands.

GOO.N wipes are not thick style wipes, but its strength, elasticity and durability are even better than the thicker ones.

 The Goo.n baby wipes ingredients are as follows:

1. Sheet (non woven):

     - Rayon

     - PET

     - PE/PP

2. Chemicals:

     - Purified Water

     - Propylene Glycol

     - Sodium Benzorate

     - Phenoxyethanol

     - Benzalkonium Chloride

     - Cetylpyridinium Chloride

     - Citric Acid

     - Sodium Citrate

     - Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid

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